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Ali Ahmed Sayed und Familie (Inklusiv Ahmed'sFamilie) (alisayeda@hotmail.com)
Datum:Mo 22 Sep 2008 09:38:47 CEST
 Deine Website ist sehr interresant und sehr gut organiziert .Es hat mir sehr gut gefahlen . Ich hoffe ,dass Du mit Deiner lieben Frau nochmals Aegypten besuchen koennen ,so dass wir Euch richtig begruessen duerften . Meine Familie und ich wuenschen Euch weitere Vergnuegung ,Glueck und vor allem Gesundheit . Mit aller lieben Gruessen .

Christina %26 Dennis (dennisfiche@gmx.de)
Datum:Mo 23 Jun 2008 22:15:26 CEST
 Hallo ihr zwei..erstmal danke für den wunderschönen abend und den wahnsinns Einblicken in das schöne Chile! War ein sehr schöner Abend mit euch. Die Homepage ist euch gelungen und wir sind gerade bei euch am stöbern. Viele Grüsse Tini & Dennis

Tina Wilson Bowers (cwbowers2002@yahoo.com)
Datum:Mo 05 Nov 2007 03:27:41 CET
 Manfred and Margitte: I found your website one day while seeking addresses of old friends and neighbors. It has been many, many years but I enjoyed seeing photos of your family and travels. I have fond memories of babysitting Phillip and Fiona so long ago(Margitte always left a plate of nice things...and introduced me to Deutsche Markenbutter...). I am married, living north of Austin in Georgetown TX. I finished a doctorate at UT Medical School in Houston and fellowship (at Princeton) both in molecular microbiology but am currently taking time away from career to raise 3 boys (Sam, 9, Eric 6 and Christopher 4). When my littlest is older I am hoping to bring the whole family for a visit to Germany. Sam asks endless questions about what it was like to live there. He is passionate about trains and I would love for him to experience what real public transit is like (it is nonexistent in TX). Sammy and Chris both have autism so there have been some detours for us. I married a Texan (Ric) who has a passion for languages and travel. Ric is an environmental engineer and he mostly travels in South America, though also regularly to Japan and England. He is based out of Houston but is able to telecommute from Georgetown (where the schools are vastly better than in the city). He visited Germany with me (14 years ago now, to meet my parents before we were married). Mom and Dad (Wes and Sheila) are now retired in Kerrville TX. We are working on getting them to move closer to us, in Georgetown. They celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary this coming March. My brother, Tim, is married with a 3 year old son. He and his wife both work in Washington DC (his doctorate was in Russian language and history but that is not what he's doing now). Over the years we've stayed in touch and visited a few times, with the Romeys. There have been some detours along the way but mostly its been a happy ride. I feel the need to apologize for not attempting to write in German (something I would love to try to do! During my post-doc we used to attend a regular "Deutschtisch" with fellow postdocs from German speaking countries for conversation... Now there are so few opportunities for me to practice... I would love to hear from you both! Warm Regards, Tina

Datum:So 01 Jul 2007 16:47:04 CEST
 Bin beim Suchen nach Informationen zu "Orzale" auf Ihre Homepage gestoßen. Wirklich gelungen und sehr informativ. Die Essenstips für Montaione und Umgebung habe ich sofort ausgedruckt, mal sehen was wir davon alles testen können... Grüße aus Renningen

Ann (ann_braeuning@gmx.de)
Datum:Mi 18 Apr 2007 02:29:40 CEST
 Hallo nach Deutschland, sehr schöne Chile Fotos! An einigen der Orte waren wir auch schon. Anbei unsere homepage: www.abenteuerstufe2.de mit vielen Chileimpressionen und vielleicht dem ein oder anderen Tip für die nächste Reise. :-) Viele Grüße aus dem immer noch sonnigen Santiago de Chile! Ann + Markus

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